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Assorted Albums
Wedding and Honeymoon
Kevins Personal Album
Photoshoot with the Doggies, September 2007
Press Conferences

Looking back @ Movies Extravaganza - Outside link by AS
Ice Fantillusion presents: Movies EXTRAVAGANZA - Outside link by AS

Season 2007/2008
Finlandia Trophy 2007 Vantaa Finland
Italian Tour 2007
Ice Fantillusion 2007: Christmas Wishes
European Championships 2008 Zagreb, Croatia

Season 2006/2007
Grand Prix: Skate America 2006 - outside link by Caroline Pare
Grand Prix: NHK Trophy 2006
Proximus Stars On Ice 2006, Antwerp Belgium
European Championships 2007, Warsaw Poland - outside link by CP
Ice Fantillusion 2007: "World Celebration"

Season 2005/2006
• Grand Prix: Smart Ones Skate America 2005
Proximus Stars On Ice 2005, Antwerp Belgium
European Championships 2006, Lyon France
Olympic Chamionships 2006, Torino Italy

Ice Fantillusion 2006 “Arabian Night”

Season 2004/2005
Proximus Stars On Ice 2004, Antwerp Belgium

Ondrej Nepela Memorial 2004, Bratislava Slovakia
Grand Prix: Skata Canada 2004

European Chamionships 2005, Torino Italy
World Championships 2005, Moscow Russia

Season 2003/2004
* On request of Kevin there are no pictures included fom this seasons
Robin Hood costume
(long program)*
Grand Prix: Skate Canada 2003
Proximus Stars On Ice 2003, Antwerp Belgium
Grand Prix Trophee Lalique 2003, Paris France
Grand Prix Finals 2003, Colorado Springs USA
European Championships 2004, Budapest Hungary
World Championships 2004, Dortmund Germany

Season 2002/2003
European Championships 2003, Malmö Sweden
World Championships 2003, Washington D.C. USA
May 1 Gala 2003, Nieuw Olympia Turnhout, Belgium

Season 2001/2002
European Championships 2002, Lausanne Switzerland
Olympic Games 2002, Salt Lake City USA

World Championships 2002, Nagano Japan

Season 2000/2001
European Championships 2001, Bratislava Slovakia
World Championships 2001, Vancouver Canada

Season 1999/2000
European Championships
2000, Vienna Austria

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